Hindu Summit

North American Hindu Summit -Hindu Temple - Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A

‘Future of Hinduism in North America’

The North American Hindu Summit will bring together Hindu Leaders and Organizations to deliberate on the future of Hinduism in North America. The purpose of the Summit will be to bring these various leaders of American Hindus on a common platform to deliberate on this vital topic and develop some consensus on action items that can then be acted upon in a deliberate and coordinated manner. We feel that this is an important first step in bringing together various constituencies to develop and coordinate their efforts in promoting the cause of Hinduism in North America.

Members of the audience will also be encouraged to share their views at this Summit. All of this will be treated as the combined input for the continuing dialogue on how to enrich Hinduism in North America.

The host organization for this Summit will be the Hindu Temple of Omaha, Nebraska.

Confirmed Speakers